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» Michigan’s New Auto Insurance Law: Maintain Medical Coverage to Avoid Personal Liability for Medical Costs

April 27, 2022


Michigan’s new auto insurance law gives drivers new choices so they can save on their auto insurance.

Drivers can now choose the level of Personal Injury Protection (PIP) medical coverage that meets their needs and budget, which covers medical bills and other expenses if you’re injured in an accident. People with Qualified Health Coverage (QHC) may also choose to remove PIP medical coverage for themselves and/or household members. In that event, it is very important to take quick action if your health coverage is cancelled or changes:

You have 30 days after losing QHC to add PIP medical to your auto insurance policy or find replacement health coverage, or you risk not having medical coverage for yourself and your family in the event of a crash.

This applies to any family members who do not have PIP medical coverage, so be sure to review your auto insurance choices any time anyone in the household has a change in health insurance.

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