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» Disconnect in Medical Services

November 8, 2012


In today’s health care world, there is a disconnect between the person using the medical services and the person paying for the medical services. Traditionally, the employer pays the majority of cost for their employees’ medical care – typically through medical premiums. These premiums however, mask the true cost of the medical care because the employer is paying a fixed cost or premium irrespective of the actual cost of the medical care provided. The employer and employee have no way of knowing how much a particular procedure or test will cost until after the procedure or test is done, and only then do they know what they or the plan will have to pay. At this point it is too late to do anything about the cost. We have a solution to this problem – call us to discuss how we can help you cut your costs and be proactive about providing quality medical care for your employees.

Alternative benefit funding allows employers to utilize market forces to reduce medical fees. Quality care is emphasized because quality is crucial to your employees and better outcomes result in lower costs. Risk management techniques used by large corporations such as Wellness are utilized. Many of the Health Care Reform rules increasing costs are avoided as well.

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