Alternative Benefit Funding

A New Self-Funded Approach to Group Health Insurance

  • Allows mid-sized employers to take advantage of the same economic benefits that large, self-funded employers have utilized for years.
  • Shows promise to actually begin to reform health benefits costs.
  • Allows employers to utilize market forces to reduce medical fees.
  • Uses risk management techniques such as wellness programs that are often only used by large corporations.

Regency’s Mediportal
Providers and health plan participants please use our Mediportal website to check eligibility and status a claim, deductible or coinsurance.

Recent News

The IRS Announces Inflation-Adjusted Limits for HSAs and HDHPs.

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Blog Posts

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Shop for Medical Procedures

As healthcare costs continue to rise,  plan participants should consider taking charge of the costs related to their health procedures.  Shop the procedure with other medical providers to compare costs, don’t be afraid to negotiate … Continue reading