*Work Comp in Michigan 2018
Take a look at this document – it’ll answer many of the questions you may have regarding who must carry WC, who’s considered an employee under WC, who can be excluded from it, and who is considered an independent contractor.

*Cyber Risks Newsletter May 2015.

*WC Mod – What does your WC mod reveal about your company? There’s much more to workers’ compensation than price. Refer to this link – we can show you how an analysis of your mod can identify problem areas in your operations and ultimately lead to cost savings.

*Personal Cars for Business Use
Should you use a personal car for business use?  Consider the following:
Add hired and non-owned auto liabilitycoverage to your business auto policy, implement a company policy requiring attentive driving that includes mobile device restrictions, and require employees provide a valid driver’s license and proof of insurance coverage annually.
There are many other issues to consider when using a personal car for business use.  Contact us for more information on this complex issue.

*Do you have adequate Business Income & Extra Expense Coverage?
In the event of a covered loss, this coverage will provide you income and expense coverage while getting your normal business operations running again.  Have you evaluated your current policy and feel confident the limits provided will be enough to be operational quickly?