Lowered Cost
Company receives a return of premium based on the group’s annual claims.

More Flexibility
Employer designs their own health plans including customized deductible, co-pays and Rx.

Greater Transparency
Ability to see where your claim dollars are being spent in order to implement targeted cost reduction initiatives.

Cost Reduction Initiatives
Unique cost reduction solutions and wellness initiatives available to reduce overall claims.

Greater Control
Overall cost of health insurance is based on your group’s experience, not the insurance carrier.

Unmatched Service
Members receive access to Health Advocate which helps individuals navigate the health care system on a personal level.

Alternative Benefit Funding is a self-funded approach with stop loss insurance at relatively low attachment points to protect smaller employers from significant risk and exposure to large claims. Alternative Benefit Funding focuses on two overriding principles:

  • Reduce the severity (cost) of claims your company will have.
  • Reduce the frequency (number) of claims your company has overall.

By strictly adhering to these two overriding principles, Alternative Benefit Funding will help your company to proactively manage your health care program, not reactively adjust to it. Alternative Benefit Funding focuses on a “Pro-Active” approach with the goal of helping people before they become a claim-rather than waiting until they require medical intervention.

In contrast to a traditional program that focuses on managing a specific disease or condition, alternative benefit funding focuses our plan on the “Whole-Person” model to minimize claims that do happen and eliminate claims that shouldn’t happen.